Particleboard is a reconstituted wood panel product manufactured from wood particles.  It can also be manufactured using wood flakes or strands.

A mat of individual wood particles is coated in adhesive resin and pressed together into a finished panel.  As the wood fibres in the particles are randomly oriented, the
finished panel has uniform properties in each direction.

Particleboard is used for different internal applications, which is dependant on the grading of the material.  Common applications include furniture, veneer
substrates and cupboards.  Structural grade particleboard is primarily used for internal flooring but may be used for other load-bearing applications in dry conditions.

We offer a cutting service on all our panels.
3600 x 900 x 19, Yellow Tongue
3600 x 900 x 19, Yellow R/Floor
3600 x 900 x 22, Red Tongue
3600 x 900 x 25, Blue Tongue
3600 x 800 x 19, Orange Tongue
3600 x 900 x 19, Burgandy Tongue

2400 x 1200 x 12.0
2400 x 1200 x 16.0
2400 x 1200 x 18.0

Standard Particleboard


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