Treated Radiata Pine

Treated Radiata Pine

Treated Radiata Pine

Preservative treated pine is timber that has been impregnated with chemical solution containing two major components; fungicide and insecticide.  Because the preservatives are forced deeply into the wood, treated pine has long term resistance to decay, insects and other wood destroying organisms, outliving many naturally durable timbers in exposed conditions.  This effective and lasting protection of pine enables it to be used in many applications where untreated pine is not suitable,such as pergolas, decks, cladding, retaining walls, posts and poles.  As such, treated pine is a highly versative material suitable for a wide range of applications.

We also offer a cutting and machining service.

Treated Pine KD7
70 x 35
90 x 35
90 x 45
140 x 45
190 x 45
240 x 45
290 x 45

Treated Pine Wet
100 x 12 x 1800
150 x 12 x 1800
150 x 25
Treated Pine Decking
70 x 22
90 x 22
140 x 22



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